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For over twenty-five years the McFarland Family Festival has been a magical weekend of fun and memories for the community.

As Dane County's premier fun-for-the-whole-family festival, we offer entertainment that is geared toward all ages. The festival is alcohol-free, encouraging parents to have fun, spending time with their kids.

McFarland Family Festival, Inc. is a not-for-profit organization devoted to its mission of Building a greater sense of community in McFarland.

2017 Board of Directors
President: Brian Quamme (347-4502)
Vice President: Eric Boucher (215-8115)
Treasurer: Lynn Gilpin-Parks (217-4412)
Secretary: Don Peterson (838-3153)
Member: open
Member: open
Executive Director: Carolyn Clow (843-1740)

**We are actively seeking new board members. Please contact our Executive Director if you would like to lend your time and talent to this fun event! Wed be glad to have you join us!**

2017 Coordinators
Exhibit Booth Coordinator: Carolyn Clow (843-1740)
Volunteer coordinator: Lynn Gilpin-Parks (217-4412)
Food Ticket Coordinator: Wendy Eccles (838-8140)
Parade Coordinator: Amy Crull (772-6113)
Food Coordinator: Denise Peterson (838-3153)



Blue Line

McFarland Family Festival, Inc.
P.O. Box 110
5915 Milwaukee Street
McFarland, WI 53558
(608) 843-1740

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