McFarland Family Festival, McFarland High School




** 2017 information will be available next summer **

For over twenty-five years the McFarland Family Festival has been a magical weekend of fun and memories for the community.

As Dane County's premier fun-for-the-whole-family festival, we offer entertainment that is geared toward all ages. The festival is alcohol-free, encouraging parents to have fun, spending time with their kids.

McFarland Family Festival, Inc. is a not-for-profit organization devoted to its mission of Building a greater sense of community in McFarland.

2016 Board of Directors
President: Susan Borchardt (838-8342)
Vice President: Brian Quamme (347-4502)
Treasurer: Wendy Eccles (838-8140)
Secretary: Lynn Gilpin-Parks (217-4412)
Member: Don Peterson (838-3153)
Member: Brooke Ecker (235-3771)
Executive Director: Carolyn Ninedorf (843-1740)

2016 Coordinators
Exhibit Booth Coordinator: Brooke Ecker (235-3771)
Volunteer coordinator: Lynn Gilpin-Parks (217-4412)
Food Ticket Coordinator: Wendy Eccles (838-8140)
Parade Coordinators: Tim Connor (838-8222) and Amy Crull (838-4922)
Food Coordinator: Denise Peterson (838-3153)



Blue Line

McFarland Family Festival, Inc.
P.O. Box 110
5915 Milwaukee Street
McFarland, WI 53558
(608) 843-1740

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